Partners and Solutions

Testeract partners with several companies to offers a variety of hardware, software, and turnkey solutions for different applications.

The Instruments You Need

Testeract is an authorized reseller for many leading suppliers of the instrumentation, software, and other equipment you need to create powerful automated test systems.

Contact the Engineers at Testeract to get help on determining which instruments, software, and solutions would work best for your application. We currently work with the following companies to create powerful test systems:

  • NI (National Instruments)
  • Keysight
  • Pickering
  • TMYtek
  • MAC Panel
  • WATS


An API for communicating with BACnet devices in LabVIEW.

5G Instruments: Beamformers

The Beamformer Series is a set of compact tools designed to help you move into 5G NR mmWave beamforming development and test with ease.

mmWave Development Kit

The best way to learn new technology is to get hands-on experience by operating it step-by-step. The Developer Kit is not only suitable for education and academics but R&D for prototype development as well.

U/D Box - Single and Dual

Broadband Up/Down Converter Built for mmWave Applications

PCB Design Reliability Test

An intuitive application that allows users to define thermal profiles and control the execution of oven cycling.

Trigger system

Built for real-time applications, this system is web-based, allowing for stand-alone use from power-ups.

Powerful mmWave Solutions

Testeract partners with TMYtek to offer powerful tools for various wireless applications such as beamformers, transmitters, receivers, up/down converters, and other tools. These tools are ideal for 5G/6G research or testing applications. TMYtek devices work well with the Testeract HAL making both application development and long-term maintenance easier. Check out the video to see a demonstration of a OTA measurement application that uses the Testeract Framework, an NI USRP, and TMYtek BBox and BBox lite instruments.

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