This page provides the details about the Testeract (formerly Endigit) BACnet API.

Building Automation and Control Network Protocol

BACnet is the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' Building Automation and Control networking protocol. It is a flexible standard used in building systems such as heating, air conditioning, light control, fire detection, etc. The standard itself is object oriented and lends itself to a LabVIEW implementation.
Testeract has extensive experience with talking to BACnet devices in LabVIEW. We have developed a class-based API natively in LabVIEW that communicates over both BACnet-IP and BACnet MSTP and could easily be extended to other BACnet-supported interface layers.

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Background image for automated testing solutions page

Accessing the BACnet API

We offer a free 7-day trial of the BACnet API. Click the download link on the right to download your VI package file. In order to get a license that allows you to use the API beyond the trial period, send an email to You will then pay to receive a license serial number that unlocks access to the API.

Steps for installing the BACnet API package:

  • Download the package from our website
  • Make sure VIPM is installed on your computer
  • Install the package
  • Run LabVIEW as Administrator (choose the version you want)
  • Run VI Package Manager as Administrator
  • Click "Show Menubar" icon
  • Click "File" > "Upload Package File(s)"
  • Select the File
  • Click "Add To Library & Install"
  • Wait for "Installed" "No Errors" results to pop up

Steps for adding your license serial number:

  • Pay for license
  • Receive Email with your serial number
  • Open NI License Manager
  • Select the "Activate Software" Button
  • Choose the "Enter a serial number" option from the drop down
  • Add the new serial number to the BACnet API item in the list
  • Click "Activate"

Purchase a License

Download VI Package

Detailed Help

Comparing Other Solutions

We have had multiple customers achieve success with our API after being unable to do so with other LabVIEW BACnet solutions that are on the market. Other BACnet APIs are locked, making it difficult to extend existing functionality.

LabVIEW Development with BACnet

This API is provided as is and after purchasing a license, the API source code can be modified by end-users. Testeract offers service contracts to assist developers with any modifications, troubleshooting, extensions, or hardware communication issues. Testeract also offers complete LabVIEW development services of your BACnet system. If you need to add other measurements like high speed analog measurements along with the control system we can provide the LabVIEW expertise to augment your system.

Using the BACnet API

This API has been designed to follow the familiar Init-Read/Write-Close flow that most LabVIEW APIs follow. It is very simple to use with just 6 top-level methods.

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