2024 Testeract Pricing

Testeract offers a suite of software tools to help you develop your automated test systems

Part #Product NamePrice
L001TestPoint License (per seat) - Includes TASC and HALContact Us
L002HAL License (per seat)Contact Us
L003TASC License (per seat)Contact Us
T001TestPoint framework Training including TASC, HAL, and NI TestStand (per student)Contact Us
T002HAL Training (per student)Contact Us
T003TASC Training (per student)Contact Us
T004TestStand Training (per student)Contact Us
A001Full On-Site Test System Framework AuditContact Us
A004Full On-Site Test Team AuditContact Us
A002 Hardware System Obsolescence AssessmentContact Us
Software System Obsolescence Assessment
Contact Us

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Contact Us

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