HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)

The Testeract HAL

The Testeract HAL abstracts the hardware in your test and control systems to make them more robust and easier to create. It is a key part of TestPoint, the Testeract Automated Testing Framework, and takes care of a lot of the tedious tasks Engineers face when creating test and control systems.

What is a HAL or Hardware Abstraction Layer?

A HAL plays a crucial role in any well-architected automated test system and offers several key benefits including:

  • Hardware/Vendor Independence -  A HAL shields the test software from the specific details and intricacies of the hardware, allowing it to work seamlessly across different hardware platforms.
  • Simplified Development- With a HAL, you can focus on writing test logic and algorithms without needing in-depth knowledge of the hardware implementation.
  • Modularity- Modularity separates the hardware-specific code from the rest of the test software making updates and maintenance easier.
  • Interchangeable Hardware - As long as the new hardware is supported by the HAL, your test software remains unaffected. This flexibility is particularly valuable in scenarios where different  projects or test setups require varying hardware configurations.
  • Enhanced Debug Capability -A HAL can include diagnostic tools, logging mechanisms, or simulation capabilities, which help you with troubleshooting, performance analysis, and verification of the test system's interactions with the hardware.
A comparison of different hardware abstraction layer options.

The Testeract HAL

The Testeract HAL offers a variety of additional benefits outside of just abstracting your hardware. Some of these include simulated instruments, logging capability, training, documentation, sharing between apps, and support for any bus. There are over 10,000 instruments already in the HAL and the list keeps growing. Click the buttons below to see the most current list of HAL-supported instruments:

HAL Instruments - x86

HAL Instruments - x64
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