UD Box - Single & Dual

TMYTEK UD Box Covers Most 5G Spectrums. It operates from 24 to 44 GHz (RF) | 0.01 to 14 GHz (IF). It covers most 5G NR FR2 bands as well as lower broadband applications.

Save testing costs and prevent path loss

Down-converting RF band to IF band can enable sub-6 test equipment to be used again for mmWave productions. Save on the cost of expensive mmWave instruments. In CATR, path loss of long cables is a common issue. UD Box outputs IF enables long cable connection between the chamber and test equipment.
RF Frequency---GHz24--44
IF Frequency---GHz0.01---14
LO FrequencyControllableGHz16---32
LO Frequency Resolution---MHz---1---
Reference Clock Stability (OCXO)-30° ~ +70°ppb-50---50
Reference Clock Accuracy-30° ~ +70°Hz-30---30
LO Stable Time---min---30---
Conversion LossFull BanddB915*20
FR to IF IsolationWith Filter/ No FilterdB---60 / 18---
IF to LO IsolationWith Filter/ No FilterdB---60 / 15---
Output P1dBUp Conversion Tested at RF PortdBm-10-5*-2
Input P1dBDown Conversion Tested at RF PortdBm410*12
Noise FigureFull BanddB915*2-
RF Return Loss---dB710---
IF Return Loss---dB610---
10 MHz Output PowerInternaldBm-3------
100 MHz Output PowerInternaldBm---4---
100 MHz Input PowerExternaldBm1---8
Up-Down Converter RF Specifications
DC Power ConsumptionWithout External Dc Power OutputW---10.518
DC Supply Voltage---V---15---
DC Supply Current---A---3--
Reference ClockOutMHz---10---
Reference ClockIn/ OutMHz---100---
Up/Down Converter DC and Clock Specifications

Powerful mmWave Solutions

Testeract partners with TMYtek to offer powerful tools for various wireless applications such as beamformers, transmitters, receivers, up/down converters, and other tools. These tools are ideal for 5G/6G research or testing applications. TMYtek devices work well with the Testeract HAL making both application development and long-term maintenance easier. Check out the video to see a demonstration of a OTA measurement application that uses the Testeract Framework, an NI USRP, and TMYtek BBox and BBox lite instruments.

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